There's nothing quite like laying in bed for hours trying to fall asleep, only to do so, have a detailed dream about cleaning your room after which you bask in a sense of accomplishment and contentment for but a moment before waking up to realize that not only is your room still a disaster, you only got about an hour of sleep out of the deal anyway. :\
Bed at 12:10, sleep at 3:30-4. Awake at 7:45. 10mg melatonin. Sleep mask stayed affixed. White-noise machine on. No light. No unusual sounds (afaik). Awake anyway.

I have no idea what could have brought this one on other than caffeine+add med around 2pm (it can't be that either has that much affect on me, right? -- I know I at least felt the caffeine crash) and biking home late (arrived around 11:40). Geez, maybe that was it. Health problems induced by exercise. Ha ha, universe.

Man, I am gonna be so fubar today. Ugh, I give up*.

Might as well have one more try at getting back to sleep now that I've griped.

* not really, it just helps to say that sometimes.
Was having a kind of crappy day (restful weekend, slept ok, but woke up depressed anyway). Then one of my sandals, of the pair I bought not six months ago, broke. There's something about losing a shoe, or worse, having it flop worse-than-uselessly on your foot due to a broken strap, that really springs a leak in one's gas tank of motivation. =:\



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