Videos of the new songs that Stranger Ways debuted at Arisia are now up! Thanks to everyone who came, to Julia Suggs for guesting with us (and even wearing wings for the occasion!), and to everyone who gave us feedback afterward. We're really excited about doing more work on this project!

Of course, every little mistake stands out glaringly to me, but really it makes me glad that for once we're performing songs before we commit to recording so we can fix the bits that don't work between now and release, and overall I'm quite happy with how things went! The mix is a bit sub-optimal in places, so we've included lyrics in the video descriptions for people who are into that sort of thing. ;)

As linked above, so embedded below...

I knew this couldn't be isolated to that Losing My Religion video. Looks like these folks have been doing songs on Vimeo for a while now. See their channel for the major key version of Riders on the Storm, in addition to... this.

Major Scaled #1 : Metallica - "Nothing Else Majeur" from major scaled on Vimeo.

Now excuse me, my childhood has to go figure out exactly how it feels about this...
I keep saying that parodies of Gagnam Style are over, but this one makes me all sniffly for my adopted hometown(s). Never change, MIT. Never change.

Edit: Ok, I admit it. I posted this before watching all the way through. Holycrap, folks, even if you're not from Camberville, watch the video. It just gets better and better, especially if you know people and groups around MIT, but then it completely blew my mind in a way that most of you will appreciate.

It has come to my attention that Adrian Lester (from Hustle, the UK show which I’m told inspired Leverage) was once in an all-male production of As You Like It where he played Rosalinde.

Please tell me I’m not the only person who super wants to see that.

He’s also played Hamlet, which led me to another cool discovery: a collection of the “What a Piece of Work is Man” speech, as performed in a bunch of different productions. (plus more comparisons here)
Found these via something @freckles42 RTd on Twitter: a series of BBC documentaries wherein famous actors host documentaries on the histories and performances of each of Shakespeare's plays!

The current latest is Jeremy Irons on the Henrys, but there's also Derek Jakobi on Richard II (from which comes my unofficial motto "I have wasted time, and now time wastes me"), and a bunch of others. Ethan Hawke on Macbeth and Joley Richardson on Shakespeare's women (though, seriously BBC, can you really not find a lady you trust to talk about male characters?) both only have hours left before the BBC takes them offline for whatever infuriating reason the BBC keeps doing that. 

To watch, go here:

...oh, and in case you need more incentive to stay tuned, next week's ep will be David Tennant on Hamlet! :D

edit Aaaargh, dammit. I thought the BBC had made their iPlayer available wordwide, but apparently that's for radio only, so if you're not (or can't appear to be) in the UK you're SOL. :(

edit2 (of course, if you know what you're doing, there are ways around that...)
Watch the beginning until you get bored, then skip to 1:33 an prepare to have your mind blown.

I was originally shown this by [ profile] lediva, and then showed it to Stranger Ways. I think the consensus is that playing this... device looks harder than playing most "real" instruments. Or at least more confusing.

Also, I want one. Waaaaaaaant!
Remember a ways back when I posted that vid of a French hipster covering "Basket Case"?

You're welcome.

Though it's not without it's problems, I'm becoming a bit really into this show called Mongrels.

It seems to be some kind of joint venture between the BBC and Hulu, where it plays exclusively. In other words, it's an original show with an actual budget developed for online-only distribution. That in its self is pretty nifty IMO, but when you add to this the fact the main characters are all British animal puppets, resulting in a weird sort of Fraggle Rock meets Family Guy thing (I haven't seen Meet the Feebles, but I suspect there's a valid comparison in there too), I really have no choice but to watch it.

Unfortunately the Family Guy comparison cuts both ways. The show is clever and self-aware, and even has original musical numbers, but it also crosses the line for me at least once an episode with something I find distasteful (oddly, so far it seems to have a penchant for ableism more than anything else). That said, I've enjoyed the imagination of the show, as well as the excellent puppetry and voice acting, enough to keep watching and have a net-positive impression with that caveat.

First episode is here. I've only watched the first three so far, and I feel like the show hits its stride a bit more with each one.
It occurs to me that I never actually posted any videos of the Anarchist Society of Shakespeareans production of A Midsummer Night's Dream, in which I got to play hippie!Lysander. There's supposedly a video of the whole show being worked on, but I have no idea what state it's in. In the mean-time, our costumer took some videos of individual scenes from the front row with her flip.

I really love how well the dialog in Midsummer lends its self (at least IMO) to the... novel characterizations in our production, and this scene shows both hippie!Lysander and post-faerie-meddling crazybeastman!Lysander.

Of course, the vid had to have been from a night where I stumbled on one of my lines, so it's hard (for me, at least) to watch that one part without wincing a bit, but other than that I'm pretty happy with it.

And now, back to madly trying to memorize As You Like It! :)
The Mountain Goats do it low-tech, yo. And daaaaaamn.

And to think there are days when I think I'm a creative person... O.o

(via [ profile] faerieboots)
Ever see one of those things that makes you just never want to bother trying to do something ever again?

Note that the dude is accompanying himself with a tambourine and another drum, played with his feet,, in a setup of his own devising, and doing a really odd combination of rhythms to boot. Damn. Some people are just intimidatingly impressive. Favorite quote from their bio: "Liron learned how to throat sing from his friend Nezih, who figured out how to do it himself while he was on mushrooms.".

Also, they used to be a married couple. They broke up, but the band didn't. That there's some dedication, for serious.
You have to have something pretty awesome to justify making two videos of versions of the same song. This is even more true when the first version has become one of my favorite videos ever.

I think you will agree that this is pretty awesome. OKGO, I want to be you when I don't grow up.

Holy crap.
[ profile] rigel recently posted a video about which she said:

"It's not a complicated thing, really. It's simple, brilliant, and full of joy. And from the looks of it, it brought joy to a whole bunch of other people. I watched it, entertained at first. Entertainment gave away to outright delighted laughter . . . and then to tears. Yeah, it was that good for me."

She is so right, and it made me cry too (in a good way) as it went on and on and on. To repeat my mantra: people can be awesome. Thanks so much for showing me this, it really made my day.

It's a bit wide for embedding, so go here to view it. And then dance a little. =:)

A bit of trivia: it was sponsored by a chewing gum company. I don't chew gum, but if I ever see that brand in the store, I'd be tempted to get a pack anyway to thank them for taking a chance on something this wacky and not tackily turning it into an overt ad.


In other news: Packing this weekend. Big life change. Eep. I just have to keep reminding myself that, all things considered, this transition is so much better than it could have been, and will ultimately be a positive and appropriate course-correction in my life. Still, big life change. Eep.
Today's "people are awesome" moment brought to you, as it so often is, by way of bOingbOing. For some reason they put the bloopers at the beginning, so the good stuff starts at about 20 seconds in: - Watch more free videos
People are awesome.

I uberheart ingenuity.



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