Nov. 22nd, 2010

In the last eight days, I did the following:

Drove to NYC on Sunday and over the course of a week there...
- Saw these four shows
- Taught a class which, while fraught with some scheduling weirdness, went pretty darn well.
- Ate my weight in honey-roasted coconut, which almost every nut vendor there seems to sell. You listening, BOS vendors??
- Hung out with Lily from Second Shift at a bar full of gay men singing showtunes at the tops of their lungs
- Got in a quick visit to the Met Museum of Art on Friday before heading to the airport where I...

Flew from NYC to BOS and..
- Took a taxi straight to MITMTG's production of Guys and Dolls, which I attended luggage-in-hand.
- Slept a bit

Drove to Worcester Saturday morning for the WPI larp con where I...
- Played in four games
- Ran a game
- Had good times, late night Denny's, and very little sleep, then...

Drove back to Boston just in time for...
- The Aquabats and Reel Big Fish at the House of Blues!
- ...where I danced until I hurt.
- a good way.

My life is awesome. Excuse me while I fall over dead. Will write more later if I reanimate over-night.
...for a friend, not for me. ;)

She opened a doc from gmail using IE, edited it, and then clicked Save (not Save As) and for unrelated reasonslater rebooted. Now the doc doesn't show up in her Recent Documents list, and she can't find it anywhere on the system, even when she searches for *.doc and sorts by date. Does IE store files in a way that obscures the extension, and even if so, where do they get stored by default?

This is a really important grad school application, so if anyone can offer advice, it would be greatly appreciated.



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