Aug. 19th, 2010

I'd been meaning to post about this, and then [ profile] andmydog beat me to it, and did a fine job of it, so I'm just going to signal-boost her post, blink tag and all, because this is important. Actually, one personal note (with the caveat that the following is a very amateur and perhaps naive political observation): This is not just a humanitarian crisis; it's a humanitarian crisis in a country where opposing ideologies of terrorism and moderation, hate and cooperation with regard to each other and to the west, are fighting it out. In Gaza, Hamas won popularity in part by being the only ones who seemed to care about improving the lives of the people there. While I would urge people to help as much as they can with any kind of crisis of this scale, there are more than just altruistic reasons for America to not to seem to turn a blind eye to Pakistan now.


Flooding in Pakistan has now affected some 14 million people per the latest United Nations estimate -- more than the Haiti earthquake and Indonesia tsunami disasters combined, says the Huffington Post.

Do something about it. Right now.

SOS Children's Villages, a UK based child sponsorship program for orphans and children separated from their families

Muslim Aid, a religious charity

UNICEF - US based humanitarian relief

Medicins sans Frontieres, a non-denominational group of doctors and my personal favorite charity

United States Red Cross

International Rescue Committee, a group created to offer assistance to refugees forced to flee from war or disaster

There are further donation links at the bottom of this article by the Huffington Post.

Don't come back to this post. Don't plan to take care of it later. You can spare five dollars - click one of these links right now and donate. Do it.



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