Mar. 30th, 2010

Apparently if you want to ensure that your tickets are in the splatter-zone (yes, this musical has a splatter zone-- you risk getting hit with fake blood if you sit there), you have to ask for it when filling out the ticket reservation form. If you've already reserved tix and want to retroactively make such a request, email mtg-exec at mitedu.

Also, I have a few comps I should be able to give away. If you are in a bad way financially, lemme know (comments screened). I suspect there are a few people on my flist for whom $15 is nontrivial. If you're not actually in that position, please defer to those who are. If I still have more later on, I'll post again.
I have a couple of items what have been loaned out, but I'm not sure to whom:

Beyond Good and Evil for xbox

Psychonauts for xbox

Scott Pilgrim vol I

If you have one of these, couldya please let me know?
Having to look up how to get perfume out of a cape.
For anyone with free time and interest in doing some good in the community:

Volunteers needed to help make sandbags to prevent further flooding!
Have talked about Festival of the LARPs being in need of players before, but here is a nice summary of the games that still need people via [ profile] captainecchi. Some of these won't be able to run if they don't get more, so spread the word!



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