Mar. 14th, 2010

Every year I look forward to Intercon, and every year it proves to be totally worth the wait. The intersection of geek and theater is definitely where I fit, and spending the weekend with so many of my favorite people is always magical. One of my favorite parts is the beginning, when people are first showing up, and it seems like everyone who walks around the corner is someone I know and like, and who knows and likes me. There are the locals, the college groups from Worcester and NY, contingents from Chicago and Madison, the trio of fabulous psychos from Florida (who I learned this year are no longer all from Florida, but still get together each year at the con), the hardcore folks from England, whom I've gotten to know better over the past year, and this year a new contingent from California, who were all really good and a lot of fun. It turns out they're running an Intercon-like con in SoCal this year, and boy am I tempted to go. Then again, the Brits have been hawking their annual convention, too, and... hmm. I'm going to stop thinking about this before I do something impulsive. ;)

In short, I had a great time. Played in a lot of games that were experimental and/or new styles for me, though the highlight of the con for me games-wise was Diamond Geezers, a relatively traditional but very solid game the Brits had brought with them. Think the LARP equivalent of caper comedies like Snatch, Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, etc: lots of banter in terrible east-london accents, gratuitous cursing and brandishing of firearms. I had a blast both because the game is really good (bought a copy and may run it at some point-especially as it strikes me as a great game for new players), and because almost every member of my household saw the description, drooled a bit, and jumped on it, so I got to play with my housies, which was fantastic. We made the gm laugh so hard she spilled her coffee, and [profile] zapf and [ profile] aeries_walker (not a housie, but still fantastic) had me on the floor with one of the best spontaneous comic schticks I've ever seen in a game. Good stuff. Also, I love playing stupid characters. :)

But even without that, Intercon can't be anything but an awesome experience for me, because you just can't get that many of my favorite people in the world in one place and expect me to not have a ball.

Anyway, got home this evening with enough time for a nap before going to Evil Dead rehearsal (heard our Linda and Cheryl for the first time, and they are both great!!), and now I'm off to bed for reals, as I've got a crazy-big week ahead of me at work. I'm actually a bit worried about my cope-levels for next week, since I'm going to be under-slept (though not as much as I could have been), and dealing with both workstress and coming down from the con-high. Wish me luck! ;)



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