Jan. 14th, 2010

If you haven't seen the new video by OK GO (aka those treadmill guys), do yourself a favor and go see it. I've enjoyed their novel video concepts and choreography before, but everything comes together in this one and it works for me on a whole other level. I've been watching it at least once a day like an affirmation since I found it, and the combination of a catchy, percussion-driven song, quirky visuals and epic choreography win never fails to make me smile.
So, I've got this karaoke setup.

It would take some tweaking, which I may or may not have time for, but I could possibly bring everything needed for a karaoke party to Arisia.

Karaoke at Arisia would kick ass.

Problem: my room is in the overflow hotel.

Does anyone anyone who has a room they'd be willing to use for a karaoke party? Pref one with an already scheduled party they wouldn't mind turning into a karaoke party for at least part of the time?
Does anyone have a room at the main arisia hotel where they'd be cool with letting me store some equipment (hand drums, hardware for karaoke, etc)? Shouldn't take up too much space. Providing me a copy of the room key would be great but is not required if we can arrange times for me to get the stuff.



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