Oct. 30th, 2007

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Fox, Barr and McG Adapting Spaced
Source: The Hollywood Reporter
October 30, 2007

Fox is teaming with writer Adam Barr and producer McG for "Spaced," a comedy project based on the Channel 4 series of the same name from Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz masterminds Simon Pegg and Edgar Wright.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Fox has handed out a put pilot commitment to the single-camera "Spaced," which hails from Warner Bros. TV, McG's WBTV-based Wonderland Sound and Vision and Granada America, which owns the format.

The project revolves around two strangers who pose as a married couple in order to rent an apartment.

Barr ("Will & Grace") is writing the script, which garnered interest from several networks. He is executive producing with Wonderland's McG and Peter Johnson and Granada's Robert Green.

The original series, which ran on Channel 4 for two seasons, was written by Pegg and Jessica Hynes who starred as the fake couple, and was directed by Wright. It earned two BAFTA nominations for best comedy series and an International Emmy nomination.


UPDATE: From Edgar's MySpace:

Oct 30 2007 12:10 AM

For the record on SPACED US, I have nothing to do with it. They haven't even deigned to contact me.


Well, all I have to say is... Will and Grace?????

Yeah, I see this going over about as well as the US versions of Coupling or Red Dwarf (and yes, there was a US Red Dwarf with Hinton "Dancing Demon" Battle and Terry "Dax" Ferrell as the Cat, which is almost intriguing, though how they had two Cats I have no idea).
Here are the games I'm hoping to play in at Intercon H (second round of signups is tonight!). Hopefully my choices and some of yours (for whom this is relevant) will overlap! =:)

Fri PM: Mystery at the Fairy Tale Reservation*
Sat AM: Railways and Respectability*
Sat PM1: As the Sun Falls+
Sat PM2: Dunno... both games I was looking at are now full. May take it off/do ops... suggestions?
Sun AM: Sam & Max Hit the Afterlife+ (must replay the original before 'con-- sounds like fun!)

+ = Already signed up
* = Plan on signing up, but could be talked into another game



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