Jul. 29th, 2007

Mostly written yesterday. Finished and posted today.

Today was a pretty darn great day.

Spent from about 10am to 7pm recording for Second Shift in our very, very hot "studio", which is actually Sequoia's room/office with blankets hung over all the walls. Got lots of recording done for various Season 2 episodes as well as some much-needed new zombie sound effects. The latter was accomplished by getting everyone we could find in the house, including our Illustrious Executive Producer Andrea, who is visiting from Seattle, [livejournal.com profile] bester's entire D+D group, which was playing upstairs and included a visiting Red Hatter, and [livejournal.com profile] bleemoo who was there for [livejournal.com profile] lmpshd's birthday lunch (sorry I missed it!) plus the entire cast for a total of about 15 people crammed into a 10x10 room on a very hot day and having them moan for protracted periods of time. It was kind of surreal. We finished up the recording by letting Andrea loose on her next installment of Second Shift Report, the feature we've been releasing between episodes. For those who listen (and those who don't), look forward to this one. It's... speacial. =:)

Next, headed out to see the closing night of "Ces Levine: An Evening of One Act Plays by Mark Harvey Levine", put on by Theater@First, who have been providing Second Shift with a lot of great extras this season. 'Twas awesome. All the plays were good, though a couple were a bit... abstract for my feeble mind to appreciate fully methinks, and the actors' performances were excellent across the board. In particular, if you ever hear about "The Kiss" or "Shakespeare Lives" being performed, go see them!

Since the performance space was only a mile away, I decided to walk/jog instead of drive, something I've been trying to do whenever possible. Exercise is so damn nice. When I can get myself to do it, my body thanks me by feeling wonderfully energized and begging for more. It was dark by the time the show was over and I took my time walking home, dawdling in Davis Square to listen to one of the local buskers. Davis Square is one of those places that really makes Somerville feel like my kind of town. There are always people there, just hanging around chatting, having ice cream or reading and there's always someone performing music. It's a wonderful place to just sit back and soak in the Social.

Finally stopped for groceries on the way home, thanks to which I am now sipping a big glass of chocolate soymilk, sitting in the dark, journaling while listening to Michael Franti's awesome accoustic album, Songs From the Front Porch and just generally having one of those "everything is great" moments.

The end.



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