May. 26th, 2007

So, was mean and decided to have a big 'ol sale at a time when I really shouldn't be spending any money. now I've got these new shows, y'see. Any locals interested in trying them with me? I've got three new series:

How Do You Want Me?: A drama/comedy starring Dylan Moran from Black Books. And at least involving Peter Serafinowicz from, well, everything (Look Around You, Spaced, and bit parts in everything else including Shaun of the Dead)

Porridge : A 1970's era "classic" I'd never heard of until now. I have to admit that I'm generally more of a fan of modern britcoms than shows from this era, but the reviews are glowing and it was dirt cheap, so I'll give it a whirl.

The Smoking Room: Looks to be a show in the "a bunch of well-written but thorougly disfunctional characters snark at each other" genre (and, yes, in britcom this is a genre unto its self). I find this genre a bit hit-and-miss, but again the reviews were positive without exception.

So, I was thinking if some folks were interested, we could get together for an afternoon or evening, watch the first episode of each and go from there. Normally I start series on my own and then try to get others hooked if I like them. There are a number of titles in my collection that have proven to be... acquired tastes, so to speak. But hey, I guess I'm feeling adventurous this time around.

Sunday is a possibility. I'd like to say Monday for us losers who aren't out doing more interesting things, but I have this nagging memory that someone else on my flist is also planning a get-together and I'd hate to steal people away from that, though I can't seem to find any references to said get-together at the moment.

What works for y'all?

Edit: Gah! Ok, so I've been putting off getting Red Dwarf for agest because at $35/season with at least five seasons worth having, there's always been something more cost-effective to get. Now they've finally wised up and are releasing "Just the Episodes" DVDs, which contain four seasons per set with, I assume, no special features for $50! I mean, I'd like to see the smeg-ups and smeg-outs, but I'm ok with torrenting those. The problem is that it's UK-only and I actually dislike getting UK-region disks when I don't have to... descisions, descisions. Oh well, it's saved for after I'm through the current crop at least, but I'd luuuurve to be able to have Red Dwarf nights again.



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