Mar. 11th, 2007

Hey folks,

One of my favorite performers, Jason Webley, will be doing several MA shows in April. It's a bit short-notice since he had his laptop stolen while touring and wasn't able to announce it earlier, so he's asking people so spread the word. Hence...

April 1 - Beckett, MA
The Dreamaway
1342 County Rd
7 pm - All ages
Donations appreciated

April 2 - Amherst, MA
Hampshire College
The Red Barn
893 West St
with the Hampshire Circus Collective
8 pm - All ages
$5 suggested donation

April 4 - Cambridge, MA
The Lily Pad
1353 Cambridge St
7:30 pm - All Ages - $7

April 5 - Boston, MA
Feb 5 - Boston, MA
School of the Museum of Fine Arts
The Atrium
230 The Fenway
8 pm - All Ages

April 6 - Worcester, MA
Java Hut
1023 A Main St
9 pm - All Ages - $5 donation

Whether or not you think his music would be your style, he's a very fun performer who does a lot of audience interaction, stories and the like (do a youtube search for him and you'll find lots of live stuff). I'm most likely to attend the Cambridge one on 4/4, so joooooin meeeee! =:)
I'm actually thinking of doing something for my Birthday this year, specifically Karaoke. More specifically (taking a cue from [ profile] lediva) Do-Re-Mi, which has a huge collection with lots of fun stuff and, best of all, private rooms so it's just you and your friends in the queue. To do this, I'd need to get an idea for how many people would be interested and able. I'm thinking Saturday, April 7th.

Who'd could make it?



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