Apparently there's a Rally to Restore Sanity "sister picnic" on Boston Common. If I am concious and functional at noon tomorrow, which after the week I've had I'm not willing to commit to right now, I shall be rightly colored intrigued. Anyone else going? There are 465 listed as "Attending" on the FB event page!

(In other news, thanks to everyone who has come out to BB1946 so far! Just two more shows!)
Apparently a group is doing The Whatevereth Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee at the YMCA in Central Sq (a friend of mine is working lights for the show). It's this fri and sat at 8pm, this sun at 2pm, and next thurs fri and sat at 8pm.

Details here.

Tix are $24.

I don't know the show very well at all, but have heard enough good things that if there's a mob going I'd be down for it. Anyone interested? If so, respond with availability. I'm good for anything but the Saturdays.
Some of y'all may remember an outing I arranged to go see an "adaptation" of G&S' The Pirates of Penzance last year. Said y'all may further remember that it was awesome.

This appears to have become a trend. Hot Mikado is, according to one review, "all out fun with Gilbert and Sullivan. This clever adaptation adds swing dance and sizzling jazz to a beautiful tale about duty and love". Note that this is by a completely different group, as far as I know, from the one that did Pirates, and that Tix are expensive ($40-$59, but with student discounts and a $13 student rush), but I am curious nonetheless.

Anyone want on the list for organizing an outing? It runs May 2-22.

Edit If anyone is just finding this, I've created a doodle thingy here.
So, dance is generally not my thing. It's a hell of a lot of fun to do, but I just don't get much out of watching it. That is, until [ profile] taerowyn sent me this (while making the case the dancers are some of the most hardcore athletes there are):

I mean, holy crap. That's some Ninja stuff going on there. Plus the trick with the Giant Wicker Thing Of Doom at 7:40? Geekgasm!

This I would pay to see. And, as it turns out, there will be opportunities to do so on 5/7, 5/8 and 5/9. The cheapest tix are $40, which is more than I often like to pay for shows, but I'm still at least considering it.

Would anyone else be interested? If so, lemme know which of those dates work best/worst.
If anyone is still interested in Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee, the weekend long Victorian history/fiction mashup larp running this weekend at RPI, they still need players! Reply if you're interested and I'll get you in touch with the people running it.

...also, @theandyhicks on Twitter linked to a review of what looks like a nifty exhibit on computing history at the Museum Of Science. Having only recently said to a housemate something along the lines of "it's sad that the MoS is having to put on Harry Potter exhibits that don't even pretend to have anything to do with science just to get people to show up nowadays, but thent I haven't been inclined to go there myself so I'm part of that problem", I believe I would like to organize an outing there.

Would anyone else be up for this? Maybe on a weeknight, since I expect it wouldn't involve staying out super-late and my weekends are pretty booked?
It turns out that there is an extra ticket available to go see Tripod's Dungeons and Dragons folk-opera Saturday night. It's in North Adams, which is about 3hrs into the wilds of western Mass, but we will be road-tripping with a merry crew and fun will be had.

Contrary to my previous post, the trip will not be a day trip, but we are planning on leaving around 2ish to check out NA, which [ profile] contradictacat says is interesting so it's her fault if we are bored.

Anyway, tix are $15, and even if people are more interested than the one we have an extra for, they can still be purchased here.

Vid below is something similar by the same group, but I am led to believe that this show will actually be staged, and will involve puppets. Puppets!



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