Slept approx 1:30am to 5:30am today, Made myself stay in bed (albeit with laptop between attempts to get back to sleep) until 9:30ish, but now in an "if I'm not going to sleep, I might as well Get Stuff Done" mood, which is good. A curious thing about my insomnia is that when I don't sleep during the night I have about a 30/70 chance of being strangely clear-headed and focused the next day instead of extra-spacy and depressed. Not quite sure what that means. Last night was definitely a depression bit. Worked late (for the only time that week), put off food too long, and just suddenly ran out of cope and crashed hard. I think part of the reason I went to bed as late as I did was because I was in one of those states where I just didn't have the motivation to get to sleep. And yet, today, while not exactly brimming with extra spoons, I feel strangely able to focus and full of motivation (part of the reason I haven't been able to get back to sleep). Some of the things I would like to get done today (mostly just thinking out loud at this point):

- Edit more Second Shift scenes (currently a bit less than 1/3 of the way through episode 2.12)
- Clean room (depression plus busy-ness plus a number of packages arriving = holy crap my room is a mess)
- Contemplate personal issues
- Return faulty sandals (Basil!!)
- Laundry
- Enjoy a glass of SILK NOG! (which is not nearly as nasty as it sounds)
- Watch another ep from the This American Life TV show dvd
- Take a nap before zomgthiseveningisfullofparties so as to maintain spoonfulness
- Don't wait until out of spoons to do something re-energizing

For the last couple of days I've been making noise about shaving. I've had the same facial hairstyle for years now, and lately I'd come to be of the opinion that while it was apparent what said style was approximating, and that IMO, that which it approximated was pretty cool, it was never quite there except when trimmed just so, which it rarely was as my hair grows annoyingly fast. In short, I've gotten kinda sick of it.

So last night I decided to shave. I took off the goatee/soulpach/chin-thing... and then stopped.

See, moustaches are out, right? Way out. And yet, that means there's a certain extra sense of originality and style if one can pull it off. The question is...

...can I pull it off? I leave this question to you, dear readers:

[Poll #1401756]
Last night's party was much, much niceness. Got to talk to talk to lots of people, including several new folks that I hadn't gotten to chat with before. Got to do much cuddling and scritching, something that I really haven't done much of before. I've tended to have a real personal boundary around that kind of thing, mostly because I didn't think I could trust myself to stay in a platonic mindset about it, but I guess I'm finally maturing to the point where I'm able to relax and just enjoy both the sympathetic sensation of making someone else feel nice and that of being made to feel nice myself ('bout damn time).

I've always walked this line where I've been more sexually conservative than almost all of my friends and I'm ok with that. I don't really want that to change because it's my comfort zone and I'm, well, comfortable with it. But being more ok with platonic touch is something I'm glad to see myself finally loosening up over.

Had an interesting personal realization while everyone was playing Truth or Dare around 4am. I found myself hoping that someone would ask me a really juicy question that would allow me to disclose something important. There wasn't anything in particular that I wanted to disclose, and in fact most of my answers to the questions I did get were kind of meh, but found myself really wanting to... connect and share something intimate. This is not something I normally do. After everyone had left I was talking to [ profile] choose_again and in remarking on this, realized that I think I actually feel safer with a group than I do with an individual. With the exception of hostile cliques, groups tend to self-regulate. If you get in trouble and know how to send the right signals, you can usually get someone to come to your aide, or at least the chances of finding one's self in conflict with 100% of the other people in the room is less significant. Thus, I realized that I think I am more comfortable opening up (under appropriate circumstances) in public than in private. Reflecting on it now, I think being in my own house helped too. When I superimpose the same scene over an unfamiliar environment, the feeling of security diminishes. So familiarity + witnesses = security. Not sure just how healthy that is, but it's interesting (to me, at least) to note. And now it's recorded for posterity. Huzzah and all that.

Everybody finally left the party around 5am and I slept until around 9, when my brain said "Ooh look! Daylight! Shiny! That means you can get up and do stuff, right? Wheee!".

Sometimes I hate my brain.

Oh well, I guess that's the downside of the social-high: the buzz lingers even when inconvenient. If I can just stay concious until this evening (without eating my body weight in cake and snacks to do it) I can go to bed early and try to set my schedule right again.
First off, Iago and Laurie's wedding has become a meme unto its self. The first thing I saw this morning was a complete stranger ([ profile] theferret, from whence it is sure to spread like wildfire) linking to it and it has over 1k views on youtube as of this posting. Neat. =:)

Second, Karoke was much fun last night. I am convinced that there would be a big market for a geek-oriented karaoke dj to do parties, where the collection was all broadway, tmbj, weird al, Jonathan Coulton and the like.

Third, the Webley show the night before that was also fantastic. He was 45 mins late because of bus issues, which he explained to the audience via a cell phone held up to the mic. The woman whose cell he'd called started trying to organize things to have the audience entertain its self. Earlier I had yelled "open mic!" and she asked who'd said that, with the apparent intent of making that person get up and start the entertainment, but I chickened out and hid.

Then someone dug up a copy of a Ben Johnson play and a copy of Julius Caesar and a few of us, myself included, got on stage and "performed" scenes from them by passing the book from person to person while someone else accompanied us on a Djembe. By the time we'd gotten to the Shakespeare, we'd done away with actually assigning roles and instead just passed the book around, each reading whichever line happened to come next. The idea was that the winner would be the one who got "Et tu, Brute?", but we never got that far. =;)

Eventually it was decided that something a little more interactive for the rest of the audience was in order, so we split into teams and played charades. My team won. Go my team.

Jason showed up in the middle of charades and asked if people wanted to continue playing while he set up. The response was an overwhealming "yes". In fact, when he was set up, he ended up having to count down "ok, two more minutes, then I'm going to start, ok?", finally counting down the last ten seconds as we all scrambled to guess one more charade. I love the crowds at Webley shows.

Then the show started and it was fantastic. Possibly the best Webley show I've attended. The audiences at those shows are always great and he performed some new songs and told me about a new solo album out in October. Wheee!

Oh, and the woman leading the entertainment while we waited turned out to be Amanda Palmer from the Dresden Dolls. Ummm.. wow. I'd heard that she was going to be there to record something with Jason (a live cover of a Baby Dee song, which rocked and will be on an upcoming compliation with all of us doing the sing-along chorus), but had sort of assumed that she would just show up in time to do her thing and then leave. I mean, she's a rock star, right? But there she was hanging out with everyone and organizing impromptu Shakespeare readings (note to self: cross "perform Julius Caesar with Amanda Palmer" off of TODO list). I imagine I'm in the vast minority of people around here in that I discovered the Dresden Dolls through an influx of Australian fans on the Jason Webley forum, who'd discovered Webley when he went on tour with the Dolls. I didn't even know they were from around here until recently. So anyway, I really didn't know what to expect, but I was very pleased with what I found.

In fact, the one down-side of the evening was that I was really beating myself up afterward for chickening out when she was trying to get people up on stage. I mean, I love being on stage. I am an attention whore and I've mostly come to accept this about myself. And yet there I was being invited up on stage to sing or whatever and I hid because I didn't want to look like an attention whore. Only when others started going up to do the Ben Johnson reading did I go because then I wouldn't be the only one. And so, of course, having missed the opportunity to really show off, my brain starts playing out the best-case-scenarion that I made myself miss, wherein, after a stunning rendition of... something, Palmer approaches me about this side project she has planned, for which I would be perfect. Blegh. There are downsides to being an optimist.

Ok, last thing, a treat for those who are interested and are still reading: At the show Amanda said that she's going to be doing an un-announced show, demoing some of her upcoming solo stuff tonight at the Lilly Pad. Admission is a $10 donation to the performance space. The Lilly pad is at 1353 Cambridge St and I believe she said the show is at 5pm. I could be wrong about that, but there's stuff on the pad's schedule from 6:30 on, so 5 sounds about right.



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