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Instead of trying to write out detailed acounts of the last few days I'm going to finish my New Orleans journal by piecing together, in no particual order, all of the thoughts and vignettes that have crossed my mind lately. This trip has been such an experience. We worked hard in St Bernard and we played hard in the city. I really grew to know and like the Hatters on my team plus some new friends we picked up along the way.

Cut for lots of text and pictures )
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So, umm.. wow. Someone who'd gone to NOLA in the previous group said it was "surreal", but I don't think this is what he had in mind.

See, we don't have 'net access at the camp, right? Now, the thing is, the geeks, they needs the net access. So after work today we headed downtown for dinner and email. We found a good place for dinner and afterward the first order of business was to find a place where we could use the net. Now, one of our number said that last night as he was wandering around bourbon street he'd noticed a bar with free net access. The idea of 'net and booze at the same place being of no small appeal to most of us, off we went.

We walked down bourbon street for a while and were just about to give up when we found it: a little place called "Napoleon's Itch", with a big sign in the window advertising free wifi. Entering the door, directly to one's right is the bar. A young fellow who wasn't the bartender smiled and gestured for us to head in that direction, which seemed odd, but hey, New Orleans is a friendly city, right? Anyway, directly in front of you is a large flat TV playing... Law and Order. But what really caught our attention was what lay to the our left. Biiiiig comfy looking couches and chairs, power outlets and pumping techno music. Rock on.

So in we headed, sat down, and then noticed the two other huge, flat screen TVs hanging on the walls, which were playing... gay porn.

The whole group takes an enormous double take, notices the couple sitting on the couch across from us ermm... watching tv and then, almost as one, shrugs, sits down and plugs in because, damn it, we need our email.


So here I am sitting in a gay bar on Bourbon street with three other Hatters clustered around a table each typing away at their "guess where I'm blogging from?!?!" posts while, just to my right, well sculpted men undress on giant flatscreens. The award for best moment of the evening goes to the time when the soundtrack for the video switched to "son of a preacher man", to which we all sang along. While sitting around a table in a gay bar. Blogging.

Have I mentioned that I freaking love my job?

Oh, and then my dad called. That was... interesting. I tried to be as vague as possible and keep a straight face while a certain Red Hat higher-up, who shall remain nameless, started doing what can only be described as an obscene mime routine across the table from me. I finally ended up explaining the whole thing because he actually asked where on Bourbon street we were. His reaction:


And then proceeding to explain that the reason he'd asked (lest I think he was prying into my gay-bar-frequenting habits) was that I have a relative who lives on Bourbon street. Yup. That's me dad.

So yeah. I was going to write an update about how work was going and I promise I still will, but I hope you can understand how the immediate surreality of this demanded that it be recorded. In the meantime you can read the blogs of some of my co-workers at:


Also, there are pics here:

For more information about the bar that inspired this post, visit (the more worldy of my flisters can quick snickering at our collective naivette now)

Ok. That is so all for now. Gotta check my email. No, really.
'Lo all.


I'm glad to have been posting a succession of good things of late and this would seem to be the big one. I just faxed my signed offer letter to Red Hat, so as of 6/30/03 I am officially an oficial employee of Red Hat, Inc in some very official way I'm sure. After 8 months of sporadic (at best) employment, I have a job. What fun!

This job is going to be a very interesting period of my life. My dad, Mr Businessman, calls it my first "real job" because, besides paying well, it's going to be INSANE. To illustrate, here is a sample of my next three weeks:

Sunday, 6/29: Fly to Raleigh for annual instructor summit at RedHat HQ.
6/30-7/2: Attend said summit.
Wednesday, 7/2: Fly back to Tampa
Monday, 7/7: Fly back to Raleigh
7/8-7/7: Attend new-hire orientation
7/9-7/10: Supplimentary training with instruction manager
Friday, 7/10: Fly back to Tampa
Sunday, 7/12: Fly to wherever I end up being scheduled for my first class
7/13-7/17: Teach first class (with any luck I'll get the materials for what I'm teaching from next week)
Friday 7/17: Fly back to Tampa

...and that (at least the 7/12-7/17 period) is pretty much going to be the template for the forseeable future. Well, actually, it's not quite that insane. Basically you either travel 3 weeks in a row and then spend a week working remotely on developing training materials and whatnot or you travel 4 weeks in a row and then spend two weeks working remotely. Either way, it's going to be craaaay-zee. But I think it will also be a lot of fun.

Here's hoping!
Got my RHCE results back. =:)

Wow. Apparently 'three business days' was an overestimate. In fact, they were in my emailbox while I was at the airport waiting for my plane home.

Grand total scores -
Troubleshooting: 100%
Install/Config: 100%
Mult. Choice: 94% (drat, 4 questions from perfection!)
Overall Avg: 98%

Tee-hee. =:) The results were followed by an email from my (still marginally unofficial) boss-to-be saying, and I quote: "very impressive, sir".

Excuse me while I go celebrate. =:) ..and please excuse me further as I'm going to be horribly full of myself for the next few days.
Welp, tomorrow I leave for Raleigh. Dunno how much lj access I'm going to have, so I will request wishes for luck now. I'm so tired, but my approach to challenges is to try and overprepare and get myself psyched up for something 10 times as challenging. So far it's been effective, but boy is it exhausting. There's a few more scenarios I want to run through and services I want to mess with before bed but then I'm taking tomorrow off ('cept for getting on the plane, of course). =:)
I think I may have a job interview as a trainer for RedHat!!!

Red. Hat.

Like, *the* Linux company. Historically I've used other distributions more, but I've done most of my freelance teaching with their stuff and like it. This job would ROCK.

Woooooooooooooooooo!!!!! =:)

What's more, they say that they're specifically looking for someone living in the Florida area!

Both the lady who talked to me and her boss are going to be out of town for a few days, but she's going to try and get me an in-person interview while I'm in Phoenix.

/me can't freakin' wait!



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