You have to have something pretty awesome to justify making two videos of versions of the same song. This is even more true when the first version has become one of my favorite videos ever.

I think you will agree that this is pretty awesome. OKGO, I want to be you when I don't grow up.

Holy crap.
[ profile] rigel recently posted a video about which she said:

"It's not a complicated thing, really. It's simple, brilliant, and full of joy. And from the looks of it, it brought joy to a whole bunch of other people. I watched it, entertained at first. Entertainment gave away to outright delighted laughter . . . and then to tears. Yeah, it was that good for me."

She is so right, and it made me cry too (in a good way) as it went on and on and on. To repeat my mantra: people can be awesome. Thanks so much for showing me this, it really made my day.

It's a bit wide for embedding, so go here to view it. And then dance a little. =:)

A bit of trivia: it was sponsored by a chewing gum company. I don't chew gum, but if I ever see that brand in the store, I'd be tempted to get a pack anyway to thank them for taking a chance on something this wacky and not tackily turning it into an overt ad.


In other news: Packing this weekend. Big life change. Eep. I just have to keep reminding myself that, all things considered, this transition is so much better than it could have been, and will ultimately be a positive and appropriate course-correction in my life. Still, big life change. Eep.
Today's "people are awesome" moment brought to you, as it so often is, by way of bOingbOing. For some reason they put the bloopers at the beginning, so the good stuff starts at about 20 seconds in: - Watch more free videos
People are awesome.

I uberheart ingenuity.



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