One other quick thing: I just posted a mini-review and video links for last week's post-Cabaret performance with Amanda Palmer and Friends (including Jason Webley and an amazing new discovery (for me) MeowMeow-- check out the promo video on her site!) on the Webley forum here. Short version: Epic fun. With a wedding, even!

There are other shows planned, with guests like The Army of Broken Toys (fantastic live!) and Jaggery, and I recommend checking them out if you're in the area. More info here.
I've finally gotten around to ripping some videos of recent performances for friends and family outside of MA to see. I hope posting these doesn't come off as terribly egotistical, but getting back into doing musical theater has been a a big, big deal for me personally and, I admit, I'm rather proud of these performances. I've been fortunate enough recently to get to play two roles that I've wanted to play for years, have gotten back into vocal training... and there's only more on the horizon, I hope. :)

First up, "Good Old Reliable Jake" from Evil Dead: The Musical. If you've been following my lj, then you know how obsessed I've been with this show since I first saw it in NYC, so I'll spare you the personal background.

I think the only thing I need to preface this with is that the stage direction on "double bypass surgery" was NOT my idea. *blush*

Since the show, people have actually recognized me around town as "Jake", and even once wanted a photo with me. It's a(n ego) trip. :)

After Evil Dead, I didn't have any immediate plans to do more shows, but then I found out that the next show the MIT Musical Theater Guild was putting on was Jesus Christ Superstar, which I've been in love with since college. "Trial Before Pilate" is, IMO, the climax of the show, and one of my favorite scenes. Pilate is an unusual and challenging character because he's only in three scenes in the entire show, and yet if the actor playing him doesn't completely own those three scenes, and make people leave seeing Pilate as one of the major roles, then he's failed at the character, I think. This scene also has what I consider to be the most inspired bit of direction in the whole production, which was only added during the final dress rehearsal. The ensemble had their hands covered in blood from the flogging part of the scene, but had to run off for a quick change immediately afterward, so the question of how they could get the blood off of their hands quickly was raised. I think the way the director answered this was a brilliant mix of stage practicality and effective symbolism, but I won't spoil it for you. See for yourself. :)

I think maybe I could make a career out of playing The Intimidating Guy. There are certainly enough of them in musical theater. Anybody need a Javert? :)

I'm starting to worry about the number of embeds in this post, so I'll switch to links, but there is also video of Stranger Ways, the band with which I've been singing and drumming, performing at the big party I mentioned previously. Here are two of my favorites:

If you've ever been curious what a middle-eastern doumbek drum sounds like accompanying a Ghaelic traditional (hey, I use the drums I have), here is Fhear a Bhata

If you've ever wanted proof that "English folk tune" does not mean a song doesn't have extremely creepy lyrics, check out Boys of Bedlam.


Mar. 3rd, 2010 11:11 pm
Has anyone ever heard of this show before? It's a series starring Tony "Buster from Arrested Development" Hale, consisting of 5-minute episodes about a guy with a magic keyboard. I've watched the first two so far and I think it could have potential, plus I like the bite-sized episodes. It's on Hulu.
So, I swear just the other day I was thinking to myself how I would really like to see some classic episodes of The Twilight Zone again... and today, The Brattle wins my heart yet again!

Friday night at 10pm, $7 for four eps in honor of the show's 50th anniversary!

The episodes will be:

To Serve Man
It's A Good Life
Living Doll
The Eye Of The Beholder

I will be there. Will you?

OH!, and Saturday is their Python-a-thon, featuring, among others, Life of Brian at 4p, and Holy Grail at 7p. 'Cause, you know, I totally didn't have enough other stuff going on that day. =:( Parties take precedence over movies for me, but I may still make LoB, and if you've no plans and want to watch Holy Grail (or Meaning of Life thereafter) on the big screen with a bunch of geeks in Cambridge, have at!



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