[livejournal.com profile] how_low_am_i, who is swell, is looking to move into a geekhouse kind of arrangement in the Camberville/JP/Boston area (or anywhere between here and Easton). If you are or know someone who has a place or is looking an interested in gathering potential co-seekers, please drop her a line!

(if her post is locked to you, just let me know and I'll pass it along)
I hate making decisions. In particular, I hate making decisions that have far-reaching effects, will be hard to reverse and need to be made now.

As many of you know, Continuum is likely to be no more at the end of this lease cycle, so Sequoia and I are apartment hunting. There's one that we've found that warrants a decision very soon, but I'm having trouble making a decision, especially when we haven't looked at many other places. Thus, I come to you for advice, Oh Faceless Internet.

The place its self was once one of those side-by-side duplexes, where each half of the house was a separate two-story place. Originally a family lived in one, with one of their grandmothers in the other. When grandma got too old to deal with stairs, the owner, who is an architect, redesigned the place so that instead of being split left/right, it's split top/bottom. As such, it's a really funky looking place. You go up the stairs and are greeted with a sort of T intersection at the top, where what used to be two different townhouses connect. This, to us, is a good thing as it really lends the place some personality.

Here's a map of the location.

So, ok, here's the pro/con breakdown as I see it:


  • Price: It's a three bedroom place for about $300/mo cheaper than our two rooms at continuum. This is especially important as we are considering buying a house, possibly with a local cohousing organization, next year and need to save.

  • Size: Again, three bedrooms. Sequoia and I can each have our own spaces, plus an office or, if her brother comes to stay with us, guest room. And that's not counting the living room and kitchen, all for less than what we're paying now.

  • Style: As described above, the place has this funky, Tim-Burton-esque feel to it.

  • Nature: It's across the street from pretty trees and along the edge of Fresh Pond.

  • Landlord: The landlord is pretty hands-off. He intends to gut and rennovate the place in a few years anyway, so he says that if we want to paint the walls, tear up the carpet or basically do anything non-destructive to the place, we're welcome to.

  • Basement: The basement has a space that would work for doing Second Shift recording if we can arrange to not have our neighbor use it during that time.


  • Location: As you can see, aside from being very close to a grocery store, which is nice, it's not convenient to much of anything. I know I've been spoiled living around the corner from Porter Square, and I'm unlikely to find anything that convenient for this kind of price, but... *whine*. Sequoia is convinced that Harvard Sq would be bikable in about 10 mins and biking to Porter might actually be faster than driving, given how horrible the traffic is between Fresh Pond and Alewife, but I'm no judge of such things. Opinions on this are more than welcome.

  • Landlord: The landlord is pretty hands-off. He says that because he's going to gut the place in a few years anyway, he doesn't intend to fix any problems with the house that don't affect live-ability (aesthetic things like cracks in the walls and such). Personally, I don't much care about that, though... I think. But again I've been spoiled by Continuum, which has an awesome landlord.

  • Commute: Sequoia was nice enough to test-drive my commute yesterday and if we take city streets to bypass the Alewife traffic and there's no traffic on said city streets (there wasn't when she did her test run) then my commute should stay about the same. I was hoping to make it shorter, especially if I was going to give up living in a convenient location.

  • Shower: Since the redesign of the house involved some improv, the bathroom is tiny and the shower is tinier. The showerhead comes up to the middle of my chest. Sequoia's confident she can rig something better (those who have seen the Geiger-esque setup in her shower should not find this difficult to believe), but.. meh... tiny shower + big guy == not fun.

Looking at the list now, the pros seem to outweigh the cons, but one of the cons is huge for me: location. I've become a real city-boy. I love being around people. I'm at home on a busy sidewalk or hanging out in some quirky cafe. There's none of that in this neighborhood and that bums me out. Then again, the cohousing place we're looking at is in the middle of nowhere (but only about 15 mins from where I work, just east of nowhere, which is good) so I guess I should get used to commuting to Camberville anyway if we're serious about it. After all, there's no way in hell we're going to be able to afford to actually buy a house in Camberville-proper and we don't want to rent forever, so...

Writing all this out, I guess I'm close to trying to get this place, but I'm hesitant to commit to something this early in the game and I'm still hesitating to move away from the thick of things, where I've been enjoying it so much.

Anyway, suggestions and encouragement ("You're a weenie. I've biked around there and it's easy to get to fun stuff" counts as encouragement) are welcome.
This just dawned on me this morning... The contents of Elizabeth and I's apartment are:

Misc. clothes
1 mattress
1 desk
1 chair
3 computers
1 tv
1 dreamcast

I love geekhomes. =:)

A friend suggested that I upload some pictures of the place and I will once we get DSL. Still using the courtesy computer in the main office. =:\

One last thought: There are lots and lots of lizards here. Bugs I was expecting but during the 2 minute walk it takes to get here, I regularly pass at least 10 lizards of varing types and sizes (though none larger than your average aligator lizard). Still, very interesting.

Oh, and I have a headcold. Oh well, at least this way it'll probably be over by the time I have to do anything outside of the apartment.




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