Here are the games I'm hoping to play in at Intercon H (second round of signups is tonight!). Hopefully my choices and some of yours (for whom this is relevant) will overlap! =:)

Fri PM: Mystery at the Fairy Tale Reservation*
Sat AM: Railways and Respectability*
Sat PM1: As the Sun Falls+
Sat PM2: Dunno... both games I was looking at are now full. May take it off/do ops... suggestions?
Sun AM: Sam & Max Hit the Afterlife+ (must replay the original before 'con-- sounds like fun!)

+ = Already signed up
* = Plan on signing up, but could be talked into another game
I just found this while poking around on and after manana's last post about 3d chess, I thought that he, cadix (how _do_ you do the automatic-link-to-friend's-names thing, anyway?) and a few others might find it interesting (though I think you'd have to be running Linux to actually play it):

The blurb from the website is this:
XiStrat (aka 'Extended Strategy') is in particular about turn-based, networked multiplayer, non-cooperative, zero-sum, abstract strategy board games (e.g., Chess, Go, Reversi variants, etc.) on 3D-visualized polyhedra and contains a server, client GUI, autoplayer engine, utilities and documentation.

Besides related recreational modern mathematics (single agent, cellular automata, graph/group/complexity/knot theory, discrete geometry, algebra, combinatorics, mathematical physics) is dealt with.

I so don't have the energy to wrap my head around this tonight, but hey, it doesn't get more geeky (sounding) than that. Oh, and check out the 'customer feedback' on the front page. =:)

Since I'm posting, I might as well give an update: I'm flying out to Phoenix a week from Monday to teach the affore freaked-out-about C class starting that Tuesday. Then on Friday evening I fly back, but probably to Tampa instead of San Diego. Lizbeth and I are going to crash at her boss-if-she-hires-her type person's house and try to cram deciding if we can bear it there, getting more info about the school, finding an apartment and throwing enough resumes around to hopefully get jobs with which to afford said apartment into the space of about a week. We may or may not be coming back.

Sometimes I feel so lucky having met Elizabeth because I think that my life would be much more boring without her.

...other times I really, really envy the bored. =:\



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