I am playing drums for Metallica at a big concert, but the drum techs have screwed up and I have no cymbals. I spend basically the entire dream running around trying to find my cymbals and then going on some sort of fetch quest for a sketchy guy backstage.

At one point I'm running through the crowd to get something and am stopped by someone who mocks me because I'm wearing socks with sandals. Then I look more closely and I am actually wearing boots, but there is a big hole in one of them. There is blood coming from the hole. My footwear is upgraded to Most Metal Thing Ever.

The opening band is an a capella group that includes [livejournal.com profile] lediva. They sing the word "lollipop" over and over, to the tune of a medley of Metallica songs.

Eventually, I wake up.
Sir Edmund Hillary is being interviewed about his historic summiting of Mount Everest.

"We lost all of our supplies near the top; fell clean off the mountain. I was about to tell the men that we were doomed to starve to death on that lonely mountain, but then I remembered how Mike Wallace had taught me to listen for the telltale sounds of a snowmobile. With that knowledge we forged ahead, knowing that even without our radio, the ground team would be watching for us and see when we reached the peak. When the helicopter finally arrived to pick us up, and Mike Wallace approached me and asked me what I thought about the peak of Everest, I knew, just knew, exactly what to say."

...and that's when I realized that Sir Edmund played the "I want to dip my balls in it" guy on The State in the 90s. Don't know how I'd missed that before.
Dreamed I was in the cast of the original Star Trek series, but it was modern-ish times and we were all old and meeting at an airport to fly to some kind of reunion*. James Doohan** was the first one there. We greeted each other warmly like old colleagues, and joked around until DeForest Kelley** and several guys I didn't recognize but pretended I did showed up. Then, in walks William Shatner. For some reason he is removing riding gloves as he approaches. "Mistah Shatnah!" I say, affecting and overly formal tone. He grins, shakes my hand, and says "You know, there's been all kinds of chatter about Akamai lately". I am intrigued. "Oh really? What about?", I say.

And then.

At that moment.

I wake up.


What secrets about my workplace were The Shat about to reveal to me? I must knooooooooow!

* = Why we were flying somewhere if we were all near the same airport, who knows, but I digress.
** = Yes, I know he's dead (and I checked, and Shatner's still alive).



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