[livejournal.com profile] preraphaelite and I will officially be in CA from 1/9 to 1/15

Things I definitely want to do:
  • Saturday is booked for My brother, nephew, and grandmother's joint birthday party, which is going to be great (she's turning 90!).
  • At least a couple of trips to SF/Oakland to get together with folks and just take in the city, plus seeing W and C's new art gallery, which (I think?) should be open by then! Anything else going on during that time period what we should know about?
  • Day trip to Santa Cruz to show M the campus and visit Saturn Cafe for old time's sake
Other than that, I think we're pretty free. Anyone have specific dates they want to pounce on to get together? 
CA people! M and I are planning a trip from 1/10-1/16 (given a good reason, we might be able to fudge the dates a day in either direction). Anything going on 'round then what we should know about? Care to make something happen? I mean, I would never be so gauche as to *ask* for something as awesome as another vegan Bradsgiving feast, but it was pretty damn awesome. M even promises to stay awake and meet people this time! ;)   
...ok, seriously, don't go nuts or anything, but if anyone's got space for some get-togethers that'd be swell! Lemme know!
I am going to be in CA for [livejournal.com profile] slyviolet and [livejournal.com profile] wyldelf's Grand and Glorious Celebration Of Nuptuality (which happens to be planned for my birthday-- what an awesome present!). I figure I'll fly in on Friday 2 Apr and out Sat 10 Apr.

I will, of course, wish to see all of you. Together, we shall do Stuff. Mayhem shall ensue and a good time shall be had by all. You have been warned.

...and on that note, anything (else) going on that week what I should know about? I'll post again closer to the date, but hey can't hurt to get on people's calendars now. :)



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