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I am currently reading this.

What's more, I'm kind of loving it. I'm embarassed that, after so much complaining that I never have/take the time to read, this is the book that hooks me, but hey, it's still nice to be reading regularly again, and a literary impulse-buy at that.

I'm about halfway through, and so far I agree with most of the reviews: this book is way better than it has any right to be. In fact, I actually think it would work just fine if the main character was not Abe Lincoln. But then minor spoiler alert ) would not be nearly as squee-evoking otherwise. :)

Ok, back to work. Crazily busy this week. Around 12:30 this afternoon I'll have passed 40hrs so far, which hopefully means I'll be able to wrap things up today at take tomorrow off for chilling and Intercon *crosses fingers*.
"He lit the dining-room lamp, got out a cigar, and began pacing the room, ejaculating. Now and then he would argue with himself."

This mental image brought to you by H.G. Wells' "The Invisible Man" c. 1897



I so don't know how to feel about that. I mean, it's tempting to get excited, to hope, but I'm just not convinced that it could be made into a good movie. Opinions?

It does have a pretty cool looking flash-based alethiometer and a meme/quiz/thing that gives you a daemon to match your personality. Playing on the book's notion that daemons change while people are young, for the next 12 days it lets your friends answer a smaller quiz that affects its final form.

Here's mine.

She's currently a Jackal(??) named Athenestia. I like the name, and I have to admit that daemons were one of the things in those books that really grabbed my fancy and made me wish I had one. Then it could go around checking on my students and answering questions while I did memes on lj!

...oh, wait. Crap. *leaves*



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