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usernamenumber: (devi)
  • devi
Comment: Devi from "I feel sick". Read this comic. It's only two issues. You'll like it.
usernamenumber: (marquis-de-me)
  • marquis-de-me
Comment: What I look like after my hair's been in a french braid all day.
usernamenumber: (sprite)
  • sprite
Comment: A soot sprite from "My Neighbor Totoro" (aka "Tonari No Totoro" if you are Japanese or pretentious)
usernamenumber: (batsquad)
  • batsquad
Comment: Based on an obscure in-joke from the mid-90s bab5 newsgroups. But it's also, you know, G'kar with a bat. Thus, funny.
usernamenumber: (kitsch)
  • kitsch
Comment: I went kind of nuts with that "bitch, please" icon trend that's been going around
usernamenumber: (bugman)
  • bugman
Comment: Detail from the sketchbook of a French(?) artist whose name I have completely forgotten. =:\