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tl;dr: crowdfunding campaign to support a good techie cause.
There's a non-profit with which I've been working for the last couple of years called Tunapanda‚Äč (which is a Swahili word, not a strange hybrid animal). ;)

One of the things I like about them is that they're trying to make a difference by bringing tech tools and education to places that wouldn't normally have access to them, but the group's founders, who are expats from the west, are explicitly not about the "savior mentality" that can sometimes plague the non-profit world. Most of the org's staff are former students, and its philosophy is very much about facilitating people helping themselves in a world where Internet access and technical literacy are increasingly essential, even (perhaps especially), in very poor places like the area outside of Nairobi where Tunapanda is based, and where a burgeoning tech industry seems to be in the works.

For an example of some of the work they're doing check out this video. I'm not involved in that project myself, but I it's one that I find particularly interesting and exciting, and it shows off the kind of stuff their students are doing.

The reason I'm posting this now is that Tunapanda is nearing the end of a big fundraising drive, and they could use your help. If you're looking for a good cause to support, go here to learn more and consider helping them out!

Date: 2015-12-27 03:42 pm (UTC)
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And then there's, umm, this. I actually have worked on this project, though it was a bit less... exciting when I was involved. ;)




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