Dec. 22nd, 2015

It's not much to look at graphically, and the interface can be clunky at times, but this is one of the best games I've played this year. It's also now on super duper sale as part of Steam's winter event.

The story and characters are on-par with a good BioWare game, and the combat draws easy comparisons to X-Com. In other words, it's basically scientifically designed to make me happy.

The only reason I wouldn't get it on Steam if I was you is if you own a tablet. I played on my iPad, and because it's very text-heavy (no voice-acting), the game is basically a book with dialogue options and tactical combat, which made it oddly satisfying to play while curled up in a blanket.

A couple of tips if you do play:
1) Mindy and I both always, always, make characters heavy on the charisma. It's practically a joke with us; we never met a persuade check we didn't like. But this time, playing on my own, I decided to do the opposite and go full melee bruiser, and while melee is actually remarkably effective (had a lot more fun with it than with my decker/hacker character in the previous Shadowrun game, tbh), Dragonfall rewards charisma a lot, and has a really interesting "etiquettes" system that lets you pick specific areas of social knowledge. So be a bruiser if you want, but be a sweet-talking bruiser.

2) For some reason the number of dialogue options that require points in biotech is second only to charisma-based options. So basically a badass, charismatic street-biologist seems to be the way to go.

3) Beware spoilers. The game's story has some really fun twists and turns!



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